About David

1b5883e720e84cd6fca65f2ef647b702David Wilson-Burns (aka David Hill Burns) is an indie fiction writer living in Oklahoma.  He holds a degree in music from the University of Oklahoma and works as a software developer.

Readers in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia have described his writing as “beautifully dark”, “evocative and lyrical”, “gritty and real”, “darned amusing”, “freaking hilarious”, “Fantastic and powerful”, “Bloody excellent”, and “Utterly brilliant”

Joy Hampton, author of “True Beauty” writes,

“Burns is a very good writer.  His characters are so alive, so engrossing.  The emotions are very powerful.  His writing is potent…very strong, very dynamic.”

Flash Fiction writer Danielle LaPaglia writes,

“Burns’s prose has a beautiful, poetic rhythm to it that pulls the readers in and carries them along the journey of each story.”

Romance novelist Lisa Fox writes,

“Burns manages to invoke deep emotion in such a short passage. It is quite beautiful”

Adam Byatt, author of “How To Eat In” writes,

So very dark and lascivious and lots of psychological depth”

Seleste Delaney, author of “Badlands”

“so sexy and romantic”

Fiona Gregory, editor of The Web Fiction Guide

His writing is funny, original, and ultimately, beautiful.  It’s not often a story makes me smile and giggle, and also makes me cry.