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Bay City Runaway

Chapter 16

Back in college, James gets some bad news from his parents

Chapter 17

Back in San Fran, James reaches out for help with his addiction and reaches out to Kyra for comfort.

Chapters 11 and 12 are up! Amy runs away and James seeks solace with Kyra. Then we’re back to 1995 where James’ new friend, Zach, deftly helps him navigate an important social tight wire act at Bijan’s going away party. Will Laura be persuaded?

I love seeing the likes and follows, but it’s hard to tell who’s actually reading. Let me know you’re alive and kicking with BCR! You’ll get proper recognition in my next author post!

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This chapter takes you back to the 1995 college backstory again. I loved writing these chapters. I put bits of my personal life in here. I did sing in the choir at the University of Oklahoma. It captures those first-day-of-college feelings–insecurities, excitement, meeting new friends, finding an old flame in one of your classes.

I constructing this book on two timelines: 2007 San Francisco and 1995 Oklahoma. Rest assured, they timelines will collide in a power way!

We are moving right along with BCR and my readership is small but steady. I’ve lived with these characters for a long time now and I believe in them. I miss writing them. I hope that you give them a try!

I want to give a shout our to a few of my readers. Thanks Ed A. Murray, Scott Kixmiller, and Kentwayne for the follows! Check out their sites!

On with the show!

I kept the details of my evening at Heath’s apartment to myself over morning coffee with Amy. I didn’t really believe what Sri Ravi had said, but there was something about the encounter which had stuck with me. Something about the way I had felt. For just a few moments, I had been at peace, the peace that I had been looking for in one-night stands, booze, and pills. I hadn’t known just how profoundly discordant my mind and body had become until that moment when Sri Ravi gave me his blessing. I wanted more, but I didn’t know how to get it, and it was sure as shit not going to come from a guru. I just couldn’t see myself become a devotee of this guy. I thought of how Padma had rolled her eyes over Heath praying so much with his guru. I found myself agreeing with her, and yet I could not shake the feeling that I had stumbled upon something important. read more

This is one of my favorite chapters. We get to take a look into what kind of guy James really is. Is he a good guy?


I did not see Laura again that summer, but I did see a lot of Stacey. Every Friday night, we hung out with her friends at the Classic 50s Drive-In for burgers and Cajun curly fries. I saw less of Bijan as the summer went on, as he became focused on his musical composition, and I focused on Stacey. Then one warm Saturday night, two weeks before the start of my senior year, Bijan invited me to his parents’ house to stay the night.

We made a usual, almost ritualistic, night of it. We watched one of only three videos in his house, Dirty Dancing. The other two were Busty Blonds, which we discovered in his dad’s bedside table and 9 ½ weeks, which, although it had some sexy stuff with Kim Basinger it held little interest for us. But Dirty Dancing was part of our ritual. We knew all the lines. We made fun of it, but by the end, we always got wrapped up in it.

After the movie, it was street time. He lived in a quiet neighborhood, so there were very few cars at midnight. We felt adventurous when we would lie down on the street in front of his house. The concrete held the warmth of the day, and the air was very still. The cicada’s song had ended, and in the brush and creek running through the backs of the houses, the crickets’ song had begun. read more

Hey readers, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much shut in.  I’m able to work my day job from home.  I’m writing a new novel.  I’m doing a little baking and cooking.  AND I’m reading.  The problem is, many of you are losing income while at home, and reading isn’t always cheap.  So while we’ll all home, I’m lowering all my Kindle books to the minimum allowable price which is $0.99.

You’ll find them on my author page or below. Help yourselves!

Still my most popular stories, Whiff: A Novella and The Smell Collector are certainly still available to read for free online.

“The Smell Collector” was a serial I published many years ago.  It is a whimsical and quirky story of a man with limited social skills and an extraordinary sense of smell.  For a full blurb click the above link.

“Whiff: A Novella” is the product of an editor who read The Smell Collector and said “Dude!  You need to write this as a book!”.  So I did–smaller than I had expected–but perhaps that is all it needed to be!  Whiff is written from the perspective of the main character, Jim Bronson.  Although the quirky nature of the original serial is evident, it is more in the style of literature.  Both are short reads and have something unique to offer.

If you are looking for light and funny, read The Smell Collector.  If you are looking for a more in-depth literary experience, then Whiff.

It means a lot to me when people read and comment on these stories.   Enjoy!



bay city runaway - wattI’ve decided to go indie web with this.

Bay City Runaway is a serialized novel published weekly.

James Roberts is a lonely drunk escaping a tragic past who gets entangled with a teenage runaway girl in San Francisco. Set in the 90s and 2000s, Bay City Runaway explores alcoholism, abuse, love, loss, and an unlikely friendship.


Whiff: The story of a man with the most extraordinary nose who meets a woman with the most extraordinary scent.

Read here